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uSquare - Universal responsive grid for Wordpress

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uSquare - Universal Responsive Wordpress Grid for Team Members, Logos, Portfolio, Products and More - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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uSquare 1.6.9 - WordPress的响应环球网

uSquare是一个WordPress响应方网格,可以显示一个独特而有趣的方式您的内容。 你可以用它来显示团队成员,产品,服务,设计,博客或其他任何涉及到你的头脑。 在我们的实时预览,我们已经包括以原文件的修改3给你看uSquare如何能满足您的目的。

虽然我们开发uSquare响应网的插件,我们仔细想过它的响应式布局。 我们希望确保所有的元素都是可见的,并为响应布局的所有决议案进行访问。








  • 响应式设计
  • 完全可定制
  • 滚动内容
  • 包括缓解作用
  • 直观的设计
  • 完全灵活
  • 自定义宽度和物品的高度
  • 自定义颜色和背景
  • 自定义字体(超过600谷歌字体)
  • 自定义社交图标
  • 您可以添加物品的数量不受限制
  • 您可以从现存邮寄或从所有帖子某些类别自动添加项目
  • 您可以easely项目变更单(只需拖放项目)
  • 你甚至可以一个项目(或只是它的形象)链接至其他页面,或者使商品形象灯箱打开(图像的更大版本将显示)...
  • 积分的一些惊人的照片去安德斯Lönnfeldt

uSquare响应电网插件可以很容易地进行修改,以满足您的需求,并以显示你想要的任何内容。 它可以很容易不管你的网站是关于,体育,软件,硬件,时尚,设计,网页也不管你的网站有,也可以很容易地干净和简单,也可以用拥挤的布局的话题找到它的目的设计元素。






版本1.6.9 - 2015年5月5日
- Resolved issues: - Fixed a bug with the Google fonts - Removed mysql_real_escape_string (replaced with esc_sql function) - Updated Google Fonts list - Updated jQuery to the latest version 
1.6.8版本 - 15/10/2014
 - Added 'alt' field for images (also used as a title for images in lightbox) - Now you can insert image URLs instead of uploading them - Fixed left position of grayscale image (bug with some specific templates) - Fixed mysql_real_escape_string warning (on some specific hosting servers) - Fixed bad encoding (bug with arabic letters with some specific conditions) - uSquare scripts will not be loaded in admin panel when you are not in uSquare editor (this made a conflict with some specific plugins/themes) - Updated jQuery and Google fonts list 
1.6.7版本 - 22/03/2014
 - Resolved issues: - Fixed an minor backend bug - Upgraded to the latest jQuery - Upgraded to the latest Google font list 
1.6.6版本 - 2014年6月1日
 - Resolved issues: - Added option “Do not resize images” 
1.6.5版本 - 14/09/2013
 - Resolved issues: - CSS fix to make plugin compatible with new “Twenty Thirteen” template - Added an option to include JS and CSS together with HTMK block, because some plugins cut off JS and CSS in head section 
1.6.4版本 - 23/08/2013
 - Resolved issues: - Plugin had a problem with images when Jetpack plugin is installed on Wordpress. It is fixed now. 
1.6.3版本 - 2013年12月8日
 - Resolved issues: - Added support for new WP Media Library 
1.6.2版本 - 2013年11月8日
 - Resolved issues: - Updated jQuery to the latest version - Updated Lightbox to the latest version - Updated list of Google Fonts - Fixed PHP warnings for undefined variables/indexes when WordPress is in debug mode 
1.6.1版本 - 2013年1月6日
 - Resolved issues: - Just a little modification that prevent a browser from jumping to the top of the page when Close button is clicked 
1.6版 - 2013年6月4日
 - Resolved issues: - Added an option to enable 'separated jQuery' in no-conflict mode, so it will not make a conflict with older jQuery used by older templates, plugin will run 100% on all templates - Added an option to prevent extended content from opening - Added an option to prevent items from going up when they're clicked - Added an option to link both square and image - Added an option to cut height of scrollable content in order to add compatibility with old browsers - CSS fix for extended content in 440px resolution - Better organization options in backend panel 
1.5.3版本 - 24/03/2013
 - Resolved issues: - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the content text appearing outside of it's own container on some screens with smaller resolutions 
1.5.2版 - 2013年12月3日
 - Resolved issues: - Fixed bug that was showing the same image on all items in some specific situations - Fixed small bug with animation when option “Push content below” is active - Plugin now firstly checks if PHP function for grayscale is available 
版本1.5.1 - 2013年10月3日
 - Resolved issues: - Fixed small bug that blocked admin interface in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 
1.5版 - 2013年8月3日
 - Resolved issues: - Timthumb removed, due to a lot of problems experienced by our customers. We made our own functions for image resizing 
1.4.2版 - 2013年2月2日
 - Resolved issues: - CSS margin fix for social icons - Better handling for Google Fonts styles (bold, italic…) 
版本1.4.1 - 31/01/2013
 - Resolved issues: - Fix for right aligned image (grayscale bug) - Fix for short field in MySQL table - Lightbox fix (opening bigger image now) 
1.4版 - 29/01/2013
 - Resolved issues: - Added an option to choose Google Fonts for title, decsription, content, etc… - Added an option to choose the color of text (title, description, content…) - Added an option to edit 'info:' label - Added an option to choose whether the item will overlap the content below, or push it below itself - Removed the limit of possible items within a single uSquare instance - Styles and Scripts are now generated within the <head> tag, which automatically reduces possible conflicts with other plugins - Grayscale now works in IE10 
1.3.3版本 - 2012年2月12日
 - Resolved issues: - Option to enable image link to be opened in new tab - Option to enable icons link to be opened in new tab - Support for old jQuery versions - Removing grayscale in Chrome now works - Minor bugs fixed 
版本1.3.2 - 29/11/2012
 - Resolved issues: - Added icons for web page and email - Fixed image uploading issue on some wordpress versions - Fixed minor bugs 
1.3.1版本 - 21/11/2012
 - Resolved issues: - Added an option to make image link available only if item is open - CSS rules are set better in order to prevent template rules overriding them - Support for UTF-8 charset has been added - New scrollbars – thus making jQuery-UI unnecessary (pages will load faster) 
1.3版 - 15/11/2012
 - Resolved issues: - Added an option to display images without grayscale filter - Fixed bug with uploading images - Fixed issue when Firefox does not show grayscale images (correct HTTP header for SVG files has been set) - Shortcodes now work fine in PHP scripts 
1.2版 - 13/11/2012
 - Resolved issues: - Fixed a problem with responsive functions, widget is now responsive in all resolutions - Added an option to upload custom icons (social icons, etc…) - Added an option to put a link over images, so it can link to lightbox or anything else - Automatic check for updates availability – user will be notified if there is a newer version of the plugin - Option to enable the latest jQuery library if there is an older one - Some minor changes and bug fixes 
1.1版 - 2012年7月11日
 - Added the ability to add from post - Added the ability to add from category - Fixed some minor bugs 


在预览中使用的所有图片仅用于演示目的。 所有的图像都受版权保护,并授权给各自的作者和所有者。













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